brixton energy with a solar installation

Brixton Energy

See Repowering for information on Lambeth Community Solar.

Brixton Energy is a not-for-profit co-operative creating renewable energy projects whose financial revenues stay within the local community. Brixton Energy’s vision is to create a greener future for the local community through the generation of renewable energy, building energy resilience and security and raising awareness about energy efficiency and tackling fuel poverty.

In 2012 Brixton Energy’s first project was launched at Loughborough Estate. Brixton Energy Solar 1 is the UK’s first inner-city, co-operatively owned renewable energy project on a social housing estate comprising an installation of a 37kWp solar power station on the roof of Elmore House - that’s enough power for all the electricity needs of around 10 average sized homes.

Brixton Energy has completed two further solar projects at Styles Gardens (45kWp) and Roupell Park Estate(52kWp). 

Brixton Energy raises money through community share offers providing new opportunities for local and responsible financial investment and attracting local investors to finance the installation. In line with the aims of its cooperative ownership a portion of the revenue for these three solar projects is invested back in a Community Energy Efficiency Fund to provide training, work experience, local events, home energy advice and fuel poverty poverty support for local residents.

The founding Directors and volunteers of Brixton Energy also established Repowering to support other community groups to replicate the success of the Brixton Energy model across London. Today Repowering supports the ongoing maintenance of the Brixton Energy assets and shareholder administration.



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