Brixton Pound

The Brixton Pound grew out of TTB’s Business and Economy Group and was launched in 2009 with 170 businesses, 1,000 users and 4 beautiful notes. It facilitated business-to-business intertrading and set up the CREATE programme to train budding food entrepreneurs. It was the world’s first complimentary local currency in a major urban area and proved itself as 'the money that sticks to Brixton'. 

The Brixton Pound has been a truly innovative project and in 2011 it was relaunched with a stunning redesign of the notes and a pay-by-text electronic currency - ahead of the banks. It created the Brixton Fund, distributing thousands of pounds to local social causes as chosen by users’ votes and in 2015 it initiated a contactless payment app - another first. 

The Brixton Pound acquired first a shop, and then moved on to a popular, pay-as-you-can surplus food community cafe in Atlantic Road which sadly closed in 2019 due to rising rents. 

The Brixton Pound is an economic ecosystem developed solely to deliver public good.  In this post-Covid, post-Brexit world, local currency has never been more needed and the Brixton Pound is now exploring using blockchain to facilitate local trading.

See a video of Brixton Pound's launch:

and a two minute video made for the launch:



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