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Healthy Living Platform

healthy living platform

Healthy Living Platform (HLP)
believes that food should be at the heart of every community as a way of improving connectedness and enabling neighbours to support one another to lead healthy and sustainable lives. HLP is commissioned to work with families with pre-school children in four of Lambeth’s most deprived wards to run cook and eat projects and increase access to fruit and vegetables. HLP provides recipe packs for home cooking and sets up food growing and food buying coops. 

HLP takes a community approach, training local people to lead activities, reducing reliance on outside experts and organisations, thus creating value for local people. It also works across the borough to help set up community food hubs. It is commissioned by Lambeth Council to be a central point of contact for surplus food. This is seen as a starting point for food hubs, many of which source food supplies, make up food parcels,  cook ‘meals on wheels’ or are starting their own food buying coops. We believe that everyone should have easy access to healthy food and this is not the case at present - but the only really viable solutions at the moment are community solutions.